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Branch Day Timings
Keelkattalai Monday to Friday 5:30 to 7:30 pm - any one hour
Nanganallur Monday to Friday 5:30 to 7:30 pm - any one hour

Writing class :

“Handwriting is an Art!”. The art of forming and spacing letters and numbers has developed over time, and currently focuses on providing children with efficient, graceful methods to write letters and numbers. A handwriting style is a carefully designed, efficient way of forming letters and numbers, and each style has it’s own character or fits certain needs.

How to hold a pencil?

The time-tested ergonomic way to hold a pencil is the tripod grasp. Most children can learn how to place their fingers in the tripod position, but if they have established another grasp, the tripod may feel awkward at first. Changing any habit is difficult, particularly when it involves muscles and coordination. Some children can change to the new grip within a few days, while others need a month or so. Adults tend to take even longer before they can consistently use the new grip.

Finger position Three fingers — the long finger, the thumb and the index finger — form a tripod to hold the pencil, as shown in the illustration. Index Finger Rests Many people put extra pressure on the index finger, hyperextending the first joint. (Check for pressure in the knuckle.) The tip of the index finger should rest on top of the pencil. Fingers Bend, SlightlyAll five fingers should bend slightly. (Some people pull their fingers into a fist. Some hold a pencil with their thumb straight.) A ball should be able to fit inside the hand. Training Tools It The Writing CLAW can be challenging to keep the fingers in the tripod position, but there are a variety of tools available to help keep the fingers in place. They are temporary tools, much like training wheels on a bicycle. http://www.drawyourworld.com/store/category/grips-pencils-colors

The Pencil Grip Position of the hand the underside of the forearm and the thumb should line up. Some people hook the hand toward the body, pushing the elbow away from the body.) Spend some time practicing on vertical surfaces, such as an easel or paper taped to a wall, since it is natural while working vertically to hold the hand up and drop the elbow down. Position of the Pencil The pencil eraser should point toward the shoulder, however the pencil position is not critical if the hand position is good. This rule is most helpful for left-handers, since it allows a better view of the freshly written words and the hand does not smudge the words. How does the Hand Feel? Understand the amount of tension needed to grasp the pencil:

1. Have the child pretend to hold a small stone tightly in their tripod fingers as you count together to ten. Release the pretend stone and discuss how your hands felt while holding the stones.

2. Have the child pretend to hold a cooked pea gently in their tripod fingers and count to ten. After releasing the pretend pea, describe how your hands felt while holding the pea, How can a relaxed hand make writing easier?

The teachers will decide (if very young) whether students are ready for the class. Students must bring their own kit for every class without fail. Students have to express an interest in learning. They also must show a desire to improve their skills and practice what they learn at least three or four times a week. Students must be committed to a regular attendance and should notify the teachers/coordinator in advance if they are unable to attend the class on a particular day.