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Keelkattalai Mon & Wed 6:30 pm - 8:30
Nanganallur Tue & Thu 5:30 pm - 7:30

Spoken English :

Why do we need to talk in English?

Every one of us need to know to speak at the least three languages, in the sense, the mother tongue, the national language and the international language. Let us ask within ourselves whether is it

necessary? The answer would definitely be yes, because we need our mother tongue, to talk within our family and friends around us and when you get a job or transferred for some other reason to some other state from the one you are, you definitely need to learn the national language and if you have any intentions, ambitions or ideas to settle abroad or work abroad you need the international language which is nothing but English.

What should we do to learn to speak in English?

The very first point in learning any language is shedding out our inhibitions and develop a curiosity and passion towards the language. There should be a strong reason to learn that language. Just a new word or two is more than sufficient for a day but make sure you use that word frequently throughout the day for some reason or the other. Keep talking in English with whoever you meet, whether it is a merchant, friends, relatives or whomsoever. Don’t assume or presume about the grammer part, first talk in English fluently then it would be very easy to correct the grammer. If you are a parent and if you want your child to speak in English you “Sloga” for chanting should be “Speak in English”. Whenever you hear them speaking in anyother language say “Speak in English”. That is it. You and your kids can speak in English fluently in next six months.

Why do you need a Trainer and an assessment?

Speaking in English is nothing but an art, just like drawing and painging. For any art you need a trainer who can guide you thru proper channel to become a professional. Trinity Academy is committed to giving you a great and a different learning experience with assured results. Whether you wish to start learning English as a beginner or whether you are a student, Executive, House wife we have the right English speaking course for you, making you speak fluent English with neutral accent guaranteed. Trinity Academy has got affiliated with Trinity College, London and we send students for IELTS grade examination. We welcome you to join our English Speaking Training programs.

The teachers will decide (if very young) whether students are ready for the class. Students have to express an interest in learning. They also must show a desire to improve their skills and practice what they learn at least three or four times a week. Students must be committed to a regular attendance and should notify the teachers/coordinator in advance if they are unable to attend the class on a particular day.