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Branch Day Timings
Keelkattalai Mon & Tue 5:00 pm - 6:00
Nanganallur Mon & Tue 6:30 pm - 7:30

Classical Dance :

Learning dance or music in India is not only about learning an art form in all its complexity and richness. It is also learning about a civilisation that shaped and inspired it. It is about knowing Indian creativity, and the cultural and spiritual sustenance of the people of this country. About encountering the unique synthesis of many traditions that reached out to each other creating a repertory of artistic expression that is hard to match. Trinity Academy offers complete Dance Event Management & Dancing Solutions to Schools, Collages, institutes and others with a team of Professional dancers and specialized Professional Trainers. Trinity Academy offers the necessary assurances and infrastructure to co-ordinate and manage school events regardless of industry orientation.

We, at Trinity Academy take full pride and joy in embracing people from all cultural backgrounds and educating them in one of our most beautiful heritage...INDIAN DANCE and MUSIC! As a result, today Trinity Academy of Dance and Music (TADM) has become an institution highly respected for its contribution towards cultural arts, education, personal development, social contribution and promotion of Indian Art and Culture.

Deciding on a Dance Class for your child ?
As a parent we realize you have a choice between many different dance classes. All dance classes are not the same. At Trinity Academy of Dance and Musicc, we are constantly striving to bring you a positive learning environment and create the best possible experience for the whole family. We invite you to explore some of the reasons, why parents continue to choose.

Facilities are available to learn all types of classical and traditional forms of dance and music. The institutions and the teachers themselves, given their stature, often organise public performances. After attaining an adequate degree of expertise, Students can hope to participate.

The teachers will decide (if very young) whether students are ready for the class. Students must bring their own keyboard for every class without fail. Students have to express an interest in learning. They also must show a desire to improve their skills and practice what they learn at least three or four times a week. Students must be committed to a regular attendance and should notify the teachers/coordinator in advance if they are unable to attend the class on a particular day.