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Trinity Academy has been established since 2001. We have couple of facilities, one at nanganallur and the other at Keelkatalai. Our aim is to guide and develop our children to become responsible, educated, well disciplined, creative and dignified citizens. We believe this is achieved by love, respect, patience, understanding and keeping children's rights in mind.

Our purpose is to guide the child to develop physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and most importantly spiritually. To provide the child with a home away from home, every decision about every aspects of academy management are deeply questioned and thought out, taking into account, above all, the needs of the child, and through that, the development of the teacher, the participation of the parent and the inclusion of the community.

Trinity Academy believes that children should be given the opportunity to choose and direct their own learning and together make ground rules for the group. The academy culture encourages the practice of trust and respect giving the children the freedom to arrive at their responsibilities. An open and friendly relationship is shared between children and adults.

Trinity Academy is the place where he/she can grow and learn with self confidence and love to become a responsible, sociable and happy individual. The Academy’s sole intention is to discover and develop the child's special talents and gifts to guide him/her on the road to success.

The Academy always tries to enrich the child's life and to give him/her a head start to develop to his/her full potential. It also supports and encourage each and every parent to become an active participant in the child's life. At the outset we intent to provide outstanding service to parents, children and the community on the whole.